Re: Skin & Hair Colour

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_zeM06vdWtEA8Uf3uaMgoqDjyi8i0wTpa1WxAsMPBGYNVqdBk86N78lQC357PXekyjUl66>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 00:30:35 +0100

I've never seen blonde orlanthi in any supplement... redhair and brown hair, yes, but blonde?

Regardless, I like "protagonists" (they're still the ones most written about in Glorantha) being something different from anglosaxons for a change.

  Sergi Díaz

2012/1/8 Frédéric Cloutier <>

> **
> You know, I started exploring Glorantha some 25 years ago. At that time
> (and even later with KoDP or Hero Wars supplement), Sartarite / Orlanthi
> were often depicted with a celt / nordic / germanic tint and this is how I
> have been used to know them. So S:KoH or not, my Sartarite are fair
> skinned
> and blonde hair and blue eyes are an option.
> Sorry, I cannot just change my perception of them just now after all these
> years. MGV then.

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