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On 1/9/2012 12:46 AM, robin wrote:
> Thanx everybody for the insight on Daxdarius. I understand that guy much better now.
> Next on my agenda is creating a player character. This is what I came up with so far: I play a female initiate of Daxdarius and Yanafal Tarnils. She comes from the city of Kevrinth in Pelanda where she served in the army for at least 24 years, last in the rank of a tetrarch. For some political reasons she was forced to retire and she and her family went into exile (the campaign is planned to go from Sartar to Esrolia to Prax). She got an iron (if the GM approves, otherwise bronze) armour from the Third-Eye-Blue and has a golden spear. She is strong as a bear (no actual bear powers though). She can lead and inspire troops and has a sidekick, her loyal lieutenant.

First question is where did she serve? Was she at the fall of Sartar, Starbrow's Rebellion, the Battle of Moonbroth?

The second question is who did she anger? ANd over what? Was she caught ordering her troops to plunder the bagagge train of Tatius the Bright?

The third question is why Sartar? If she's served in Sartar before then this pretty much answers itself. But if she was serving in the Redlands, why she decides to go to Sartar instead is an interesting question.

Strong as a bear but no actual bear powers? You can give her bear powers easily. A good example being she was blessed by Ertelenari the. mother of bears who is worshipped in Pelanda (and has Lunar associations). There is another possibility based on Lunar Magic but I'll wait for the Pavis Companion before commenting.

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