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Some PCs will be from Sartar or Tarsh. So to have a common language it would be good if my character served in either of those provinces long enough to have picked up the local tongue. Does that make her belong to the Provincial Army or would she still be Heartland Corps? I think she took part in most major battles in Tarsh and/or Sartar.

> The second question is who did she anger? ANd over what? Was she
> caught ordering her troops to plunder the bagagge train of Tatius the
> Bright?

I didn't think about that yet. My character probably wouldn't tell the other PCs anyway. Hence I am not sure if it will make much of a difference. Also the campaign will mostly be taking place in Prax far away from her home. But of course having a good reason for her exile might provide the GM with some nice story obstacles. Any suggestions are welcome. My character has a high sense of duty, has good skills in warfare, was loved by her men and was always trying to be a model soldier (isn't she perfect :-) ?). So disobedience or incompetence are out of the question. Maybe she or somebody in her family did not ally with a mischievous and influential noble.

> The third question is why Sartar? If she's served in Sartar before then
> this pretty much answers itself. But if she was serving in the
> Redlands, why she decides to go to Sartar instead is an interesting
> question.

The campaign will be held in Prax. But to get there we will take the sea route from Esrolia. Most of the PCs are refugees for some reason or another. That is all my GM told me. So for me going to Esrolia in the first place, I believe it makes sense to have been stationed in Sartar. There something happened, I couldn't go back North, so I went South.

> Strong as a bear but no actual bear powers? You can give her bear
> powers easily. A good example being she was blessed by Ertelenari the.
> mother of bears who is worshipped in Pelanda (and has Lunar
> associations). There is another possibility based on Lunar Magic but
> I'll wait for the Pavis Companion before commenting.

Hm, sounds interesting. Why would Ertelenari have done that? What would their connection be?

And yes, the GM and I are eagerly looking forward to see the upcoming Pavis book!            

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