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> > The second question is who did she anger? ANd over what? Was she
> > caught ordering her troops to plunder the bagagge train of Tatius the
> > Bright?
> I didn't think about that yet. My character probably wouldn't tell the other
> PCs anyway. Hence I am not sure if it will make much of a difference.
> Also the campaign will mostly be taking place in Prax far away from her
> home. But of course having a good reason for her exile might provide the
> GM with some nice story obstacles. Any suggestions are welcome.
> My character has a high sense of duty, has good skills in warfare, was loved
> by her men and was always trying to be a model soldier (isn't she perfect :-) ?).
> So disobedience or incompetence are out of the question. Maybe she or
> somebody in her family did not ally with a mischievous and influential noble.

Disobedience of an order from an incompetent superior usually works well. If she's only a tetrach after 20+ years she'll have worked up from the ranks rather than starting as an officer. She had the choice between leader her troops to disaster or disobeying a direct order. What's more she was later proved right.

Donald Oddy


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