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> I like that idea. Fits her profile well. She would go into certain death without hesitation to
> accomplish a mission, but she would not endanger the mission by following a stupid order.
> Her rank was just an estimation. I don't know much about the Red Army's internal career
> structure. Is it reasonable to say that starting as a regular soldier she would be tetrarch
> after 20 years or so? How long is the basic military service in Pelanda? My character
> should be around 40-50 of age.

ILH1 describes the units and officers of the army pretty well. Just about every organised army in history has a two level entry - ranker and officer. Officer entry can be determined in almost any way - social class, academic ability, purchase, who you know, etc. A competent ranker could well rise to command a company in a decade or so with some effort and a little luck. A officer entrant would be get that rank very quickly (within a year or so) and would have to be seriously incompetent or very unpopular with their superiors to still be there twenty years later. So much so that I'd expect them to have been retired or transferred away from active service.

ILH1 doesn't give a term of service for Pelandan units. I'd go with ten years as for Dara Happan ones. So she's completed two terms and was part way through her third.

Donald Oddy


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