Re: Arstola Elves & Trade (was: Re: What do humans trade with Elves?)

From: hcarteau_at_yfilw6un8u4Ey5CmMUutp8gSeKGupvPM6pN5FGDO22DxwimE3hEGmKUA-kzQ_Vrr4rl
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 21:51:16 +0100 (CET)

While I agree with this as far as it goes, the reforestation plan does not explain the origin of an ancient Human-Elf trading ground that is now controlled by an upstart and foreign Malkioni sect. Also, I hesitate to make a trading ground _nothing_ but an Aldryami plot to take over Maniria. Maybe I'm too confident in Asharan abilities, but I'd imagine trading in bad faith like that is something the Trader Princes would detect. I'm sure the reforesting plot is involved, but I also suspect 'real' trade is happening, due to a combination of Aldryami need, human demand & ability, and the presence of a magical site for ritual trade.

/// There is a Dark Secret about ritual trading with Elves : Caselain never traded with them directly (it's why Tallcastle is not on the Wenelian Road). It was one of his followers who did, who had wandered off / gotten lost / specifically gone to find the legendary Great Oak). His ritual elf-meeting Magics was not Pure Asharan, (who knows what krjalki sorcery this disciple used). He might not have been wise enough to feel the plantmen's secret goals.

Who knows what' really going on at Tallcastle. Even House Caroman's Blue Falcons never went there. And since they're cut off from the other Houses by greymane's hordes (curse the pendal to hell), we have no news. Some say they still manage to reach Esrolia, probably walking through the Forests.            

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