No chaos in the West ?

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Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 22:38:43 +0100 (CET)

First, please not this is only speculation, a wild idea that crossed my mind, about which I ask your opinions.

There is (almost) no reference to chaos, as the heortlings define it, in malkioni philosophy, mythology or history.

There are many ennemies, the worst being the vadeli, who despite all their corruption are never cited as cavorting with chaos.

The Cosmos was made from The One, with His/Its Creations slowly devolving into base creatures as humans. The eransachula got arrogant and staked out their own mythical territories. But there is no devil, no unholy trio. For all I know, there might even not be broos in the west.

What they know of are krjalki, which are all nonhuman beings. What other call chaotics could just be particularly degenerate beastmen, which slipped especially deep in depravation. I'm not sure krjalk is still a chaos god in Glorantha, but if it is, I suspect the name was borrowed from malkioni by theistic pagans, not the other way around.

So far, I have seen nothing convincing that arinsor dealt with chaos. Banir's gate does open into some horrible hell, but it might be deshkorgos' for all I know.

Likewise, nothing was ever specifically said about what kind of horrors lurk in the Dilis Swamp. Can't remember who cursed the place, but the inhabitants might have been transformed into something that's not chaotic in the slightest.

Thus, I suspect westerners have no concept of chaos as the theists do.

Any takers to comment this ?


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