Re: Fragment of the Xeotam Dialogues

From: Jeff <richaje_at_yuMDXPnQIT6uK-rURG2PifupYH41c0SGoQMx5SmNOQ4pMwAV6biXhsaGEYr0pR0fjhDv>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 15:41:38 -0000

> Interesting. So the Rokari compel a storm god to bring the rain with their mastery of impersonal magic, rather than directly creating rain using a spell? Or is that just this brand of sorcery?

That is how they create rain - they use their knowledge of the Runes to command a lesser Burtae of Humat to bring the rain. The Rokari know that inferior people in Safelster offer sacrifices to these Burtae to aid them, and the barbarians of the hills enslave themselves to Worlath, one of the most powerful of the Burtae (possibly identical with Humat). Pure foolishness, but what can you expect of half-caste Hsunchen and the savage descendents of rebellious Burtae?

Such foolishness is far less significant than the hubris of the Hrestoli, the madness of the Irensavalists, and the perversion o fhte Arkati.


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