Rough Guides

From: cdubreuilfr <christo.dubreuil_at_XBoNNb512tOo3l4_pHzIZf_kzbaUY-ust9gSSVbRPRFGUPVtADzhlaH5RDY>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:24:28 -0000

Hi All,

I have been a fan of glorantha for eons .... But as with other passions I had some dark ages periods.

Reading a lot of meterials these days (old TOTRM and YBOT), i realised that i missed the two rough guides (Boldhome and Glamour).

Any chance of them being available as pdf on drivethru ??? Anybody wanting to part ?

I hope that this petty "Heroquest" will be fullfilled ! ;-)

Praises to Lankor My


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