Runes for cults and Godlearners

From: Hannu Kokko <Hannu.Kokko_at_VfsFXRhWGIjmiFhfxNH6UjCf8jKI2vPKLfdtoYRu5-6Rt4j4d0dV3b2fAW4N55ev>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 18:25:29 -0000


Have woken from slumber, kickstarted or should I say reanimated my Glorantha campaign with MRQ2 after all these years of HW/HQ heresy (I liked the system, my players definitely did not). MRQ2 seems to work nicely. Whatever, as long as I can play in Glorantha.

Couple of questions:

Have lost or misplaced my notes which cults had which runes. Some of the forms had electronic forms made in 1989 in MS Word Mac popular then and will not open with current tools on Mac Lion.

Would somebody have a link or list which runes are affiliated with which of the cults.


is there a rune or a set of runes or a sign which would associate with Godlearners on third age. i was thinking of Double Magic and Man but would welcome the right answer... Would this association be common knowledge and if so within which cultures.


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