Re: Runes for cults and Godlearners

From: hcarteau_at_zKdDS_01wFI3X4DRH3t3NqjH-stXPJyWOh-RJA-LX-PSA3-dMCFe-LcRQ5sFOwKccGE
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 20:57:34 +0100 (CET)


Have woken from slumber, kickstarted or should I say reanimated my Glorantha campaign with MRQ2 after all these years of HW/HQ heresy (I liked the system, my players definitely did not). MRQ2 seems to work nicely. Whatever, as long as I can play in Glorantha.
/// Hear, hear.

is there a rune or a set of runes or a sign which would associate with Godlearners on third age. i was thinking of Double Magic and Man but would welcome the right answer... Would this association be common knowledge and if so within which cultures.
/// You poor, ignorant pagan. Yet God does not hate you for your ignorance. There is only One Rune for the Great Empire of Land and Seas : LAW. 'Tis the only Rune you need to heed.

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