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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:01:49 -0000

> Trying to find out all the sources on Vulture Country (and Copper Sands). There is a brief mention in Borderlands, Cults of Prax, Okamoto campaign log. I seem to recall reading some other sources as well long time ago, what would you suggest.

> What is currently the most uptodate index on the written and electronic material

is the most up to date index, I'm afraid... it doesn't mention the Borderlands-Campaign (also in the reprint) or Book of Drastic Resolution, Volume Prax. I've been slacking off again, rescently...

In the Glorantha Wikia you find it as Vulture County, although I am aware of no count (other than that of Sun County) in the neighborhood:

(There might be a mention hidden in Griffin Mountain with the Dykenians, but I wouldn't vouch for that. Another possible link could be in the Rinliddi material in Imperial Lunar Handbook 1)

Both sources have a single reference to the Copper sands (Genertela Book), although I am pretty sure that either Drastic Prax or the Wastes specials of Tales or Tradetalk may mention it. I guess that Cults of Terror should have mentioned it along with the Krjalki Bog:            

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