Gloranthan Novels?????

From: srwebb12 <srwebb1_at_XWeQcALQsdlO0rZpkrmD_a7b3li7RMr1xKnP4WPgh6Kjl7ybRaynHoWwpZ5kk12OnM3n>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:08:38 -0000

Over the years I have seen mention of several Gloranthan Novels but none of them seem to have come on the market, amongst these are: Robin D Laws "A Promise of Thunder"
Greg Stafford "Harmast's Saga"
John Boyle "The Road of Kings"
Can anyone tell me what has happened to these or of ant other Gloranthan fiction they are aware of. Thanks            

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