EWF Question

From: Grautr <grautr_at_fEJH8c49fDoHLIXd_D-t4UC_SJUZCgo4NVB4gJsQztjFbrDo2QnyOwycbbGDuh-PhW-aZ>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 10:04:42 -0000

I'm in the process of buying the second age book collection and have a question about the EWF use of metals. Exactly how far do they take this? I can imagine those who are higher ranking can get buy with magically enhanced equipment or dragon bone but what about your average grunt going into battle.

I presume where they could they would use ordinary bone as a replacement eg scalemail hauberks, but what about bladed weopons and other tools usually made of metal that bone, leather or wood cannot replace?



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