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From: jorganos <joe_at_KhSuiBNLY9swm62Agj1_NA2KbZ6eINVhfyu8fZ31rl9_rRw8Z8HFzAk3IYA14U7wvjZ5ZMtN>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 18:40:25 -0000

Your average grunt will be likely to use the bones of gods rather than the bones of dragons - ordinary Gloranthan bronze. There is an overwhelming majority of EWF citizens following more or less shallowly draconized traditional cults - sufficiently to contribute to the pyramid scheme, yet retaining quite a bit of the ordinary methods.

> I presume where they could they would use ordinary bone as a replacement eg scalemail hauberks, but what about bladed weopons and other tools usually made of metal that bone, leather or wood cannot replace?

Dragonbone, and by extension dinosaur bones, are a sort of metal if they are similar to the bones of the gods. The main difference is that this material is sung rather than smithied. Using ordinary bone - whose bones? Using human bones has been claimed as a Zistorite technology for their guardian servitors (according to MRQ), and bones of herd beasts are common in Praxian technology (as far as it goes, which is about as far as a typical Praxian walks).

A pseudo-draconic set of armor made of sheeps' ribs and cattle thighbones... only an Eurmali would wear something like that.            

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