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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 18:46:22 +0000 (GMT)

I would guess that they used stone weapons-- either flint (basic) or obsidian (more expensive) -- and that many EWF cultists probably used dragonewt-style weapons rather than traditional human ones, though many non-Dragonewts probably use non-metal shields for parrying. I expect spears (widely used by humans and Dragonewts and even some Trolls) are very popular, though EWF-aligned Trolls might use stone clubs instead. I could also imagine ostentatiously pious draconised Orlanthi trading in their longswords for klanths.

In game mechanics terms I would treat obsidian-edged weapons as similar to coral ones (I think coral weapons were covered in the additional (1st edition) MRQ book on Equipment), only with the advantage that they don't get waterlogged, and possibly the disadvantage that they are more fragile? (though to be fair the dragonewt would probably try and parry with something else). IIRC MRQ did publish stats for spears, axes and clubs with flint heads.

I'm not quite sure how the Dragonewt Sai (is it called a Gami or an Utuma?) is made without metal. The central prong could be made of wood or bone and sharpened to a point, but fashioning the hilt/outer prongs would be a bit of a performance with wood, and probably impossible without magic if the craftsman was using bone.  I guess this is where bone-singing magic comes into its own.

FWIW I am also assuming that a dragonewt-style shortsword (whichever of Gami or Utuma is not a sai) is less flexible in melee than a gladius- or xiphos-style shortsword with a metal blade. It has a reasonably strong haft/blade for parrying (made from bone or wood )and a point on the end for stabbing, but I would imagine that it doesn't have (or keep) blades along each edge for slashing unless it has been magically crafted to do so, unless perhaps it is more like a very short assegai with a flint or obsidian point and a cross-piece to make a hilt. I suppose one could use very big flint knife too, but you would need a long, thin flint to get a reasonable approximation of a shortsword shape. Though presumably if the dragonewt/EWF cultist is attacking with a klanth and using the shortsword in their off hand as a parrying weapon, then this is not such a big deal. 

Richard Hayes

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Subject: EWF Question

I'm in the process of buying the second age book collection and have a question about the EWF use of metals. Exactly how far do they take this? I can imagine those who are higher ranking can get buy with magically enhanced equipment or dragon bone but what about your average grunt going into battle.

I presume where they could they would use ordinary bone as a replacement eg scalemail hauberks, but what about bladed weopons and other tools usually made of metal that bone, leather or wood cannot replace?



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