Tradetalk Thanatari special?

From: Hannu Kokko <Hannu.Kokko_at_O7ZOdC-cjFKyIm8_i_0V5-t1Zy9lqYXuiA3rYQnPw1H2bknO9f2vA7SiPMrfA6PU>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 23:01:48 -0000

The nice Tradetalk guys have advertised for awhile on their that there would be a Thanatari special on Tradetalk 20. It seems though that TT17 was the latest one and it has been awhile since that came out. What's the news.

Would be quite interested to see the new issues and especially the Thanatari special.

Any interesting tidbits anyone would like to share how they have handled the Thanatari in their campaign, any interesting npc's.

Currently in the midst of running a set of Thanatari scenarios.


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