Re: EWF Question

From: jorganos <joe_at_BO_Xg407zTumsZkN-PgoOZtgpKqQAbW34Sw7CT0-SxujuTZOP_J71dojbtXpjjJSPL4CH5LK>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 10:33:31 -0000

Given that the EWF fighting styles are portrayed as individual martial arts and even dances, I don't see mass formations with left-handed fighters. The ordinary shield wall is likely to rely on right-handed fighters.

I think that lefthandedness is induced only by the rite that splits both brain and tongue, and only gradually. Its main use is in the ritual dances used by EWF magicians, applying it to combat appears to be an afterthought.

Left-handed use of a Klanth however appears to be an Orlanthi basic, together with a traditional sword or spear in the right. That's how Orlanth met Aroka.

I suppose that many low-ranking EWF initiates will favor an ambidextrous approach to individual combat, probably following the Orlanth style above, until the left hand becomes dominant.

It will be different for those EWF mystics who approach deeper understanding of draconic thought. They will most likely adher strictly to neglecting their right hand and using the left in whatever active role they may need a hand for. From how the EWF was portrayed in the Mongoose books, I would expect this to be a minority approach, though.            

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