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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 23:24:19 +0000

The Core Rulebook thing really threw me. I actually intended to buy the MRQ core rules, I got the Glorantha book second edition twice by mistake. Still handy, as is my first edition - I lend them to players, as i bought all hard copy. I certainly would recommend strongly the Cults of Glorantha Second Edition (in one volume - the two volumes and Magic of Glorantha from the 1st ed are good, but Cults 2nd is a better collection) and I enjoyed Races f Glorantha, mainly for the ducks and the well written section on Trolls - (AGAIN). That makes me wonder - my Sartar Comapnion arrived today, but I'm still waiting for Sartar Kingdom of Heroes, does it contain a cult write up of Kyger Litor? :D (one of the jokes in Cults of Glorantha is it does not contain Kyger Litor, as every other RQ supplement seems to...)

I'm really glad I got the 2nd ed Core Glorantha book, because the latter part of Dara Happa Stirs sends the players to Dangk and Hreler Amala (spelling?) and this is the only place that material is available in print as far as I know? Worth picking up just for that I think. I bought everything foir MRQ 1st and 2nd ed, and to be honest the only thing I did not like much was Ruins of Glorantha, which I found weak. I might not use all of it, or liuke the interpretations, but most of it was a good read, and some of the material is superb. (Actually I did not boy the Rune fo Chaos or whatever, and only bought MRQ  1st ed in the deluxe edition - the original pricing structure put me off big time. ) :)

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