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From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_FrP1WDjD5n_w--0yypMp8di2LO_mWNS_FoZNKaYUlV8eFErSl-w2HXTtelH8Hz>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 07:37:44 -0000

I'm very pleased you had fun and I really appreciate you taking the time to write up the game. I'd be the first to admit that with a game like this (long, a bit complicated) that it would be easy to overlook some outcomes and that extensive playtesting has not happened. I wonder if you discussed what strategies or tactics you might have tried with the benefit of hindsight. Does it seem inevitable that the EWF could hold Vonlath or were there some crucial turning points?

> Our players were Hugh (Veshtargos, Theyalans, Carmanians, Balazarings); Tom (Hyalorings, Aldryami, Barbarians, EWF); DC (Alkothi, Pelandans, Digijelm, Soldiers) and very much last me (Hirenmador, Pelorians, Chaos, Praxians).
> The final scores were Tom 315, DC 150, Hugh 146, CJ 121. Tom scored almost all his points in the second half of the game, having been massively behind for the first seven turns when he did not have much to do.

Do you think Tom's early lack of things to do was a result of some bad luck (or perhaps even reckless choices) in early conflicts or actual game imbalance? My gut feel is that the high scoring of the Elf Woods would be avoided if other players saw how many points they could get with forests but I might be wrong.

 His scoring reflected huge points for Elf woods, and being the Complete Emperor a lot with the EWF; though I was proud of holding Raibanth with Chaos on Turn 10. :)

Nice work - I shall name you the Monster Emperor. Overall though it sounds as if Draconic powers did rather well.

> Anyway lots of fun, very enjoyable -- do try it. One question for Keith -- on Turn 13 there is "peace" - but do you do a normal turn of combat and movement before the Call to Heroes, or do you skip everything and just replace it with the Call to Heroes? 

Although the text mentions a peace, my intent was that there was a normal turn of combat and movement before the Call to Heroes, then the Call to Heroes bit.            

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