Re: Peloria the board game

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_CXMw8dzFuyJGT8B7EdOek3OR926CaaBlXfahD1-JEdJURrwlpJA02j2OjTZNhv>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 09:03:22 -0000

> The Call to Heroes was odd - I won with only 4 units leaving, Tom and DC removing 3, and Hugh 2. None of us wanted to go fight the Dragonkill war it seems, and 20 vp for second place led to us all trying to bid low. Rather than retreat any EWF units Tom stuck around with them, saw off the Carmanians and firmly held Vonlanth and the imperial regalia til the end of the game.

This is supposed to be a difficult decision to make - go for the win, and risk depleting your resources or go for second place and get a big return for not much. I think you, as winner should have scored 4+3+3+2 = 12 points (3 per unit sent) , while Tom and DC got to share third place = 2 pts each (0.66 per unit sent), and Hugh zero.

IF you had sacrified more, say 10, you would've got 18 pts. The victory points economy means that this might be worth it if you have lot of nation with near to their maximum population. How often that happens, and how tempting the 20 points for 2nd is, is one of the things that is hard to assess.            

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