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Yes: I think one day we will head up there and explore it in the Third Age game - we play Third Age Sunday or Monday evenings (HQ) and MRQ Second Age Sunday afternoons. The different systems appeal to different gamers in my group, and at the moment we are heading in the Second Age down to High Llama Pass.

Of course the Second Age remains an utter mystery in the Third Age: I don't think of the MRQ Second Age as necessarily being the past of the Third Age Glorantha. If that sounds odd, perhaps I can explain. I really like the MRQ setting, and it has enthused me for playing in Peloria, and Fronela, and loads of parts of Glorantha I had never explored before. I think many of the supplements are extremely good -- I will review some soon, but intend to review The Sartar Companion first, indeed this week, as I am just finishing reading that. I really do recommend the mRQ stuff - apart from Ruins which I was not a fan of, and some books interested me more than others -the Races books were OK, but only the Mostali one really caught my imagination and that because it made me laugh so much (in a good way)!

But to someone who has been kicking around Glorantha on and off since Axel's 1982 Ducks & Dwarves game, so thirty years now - wow! -- the Godlearners, the EWF, the Machine Ruins - all will forever be rather spooky, ancient and mystical secrets, only half glimpsed. I found the Second Age of my imagination,, pieced together from cryptic references, far more beguiling than the MRQ version, or indeed the Canonical truths of Middle Sea Empire I think, though it's a long while since I read it now :) So in my Third age games, the Second Age was different, stranger, more mysterious, and I ask the Second age players not to bring their Third Age ideas to the table, because the past of my Third Age  game can not be the same as the future they are writing in the Second Age.

I'm a big fan of both settings - but I keep them apart as much as I do Glorantha and the Mythic Europe of Ars Magica, or the world of Call of Cthulhu... :)

I could just be odd though!
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