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We had Elf Tea feature in our game; made from a blue flower. I'm not sure if it was the creation of a referee, or from the plants mentioned in The Garden section of The Rubble, certainly in the Moon Design Pavis & Rubble reprint. However as a fabulaously rare and expensive brew favoured by Dara Happan nobles of immense wealth and exquisite taste, it is favoured over mere gold and gems as a near priceless treasure in our game.

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> It's a cliché I know, but I've had my characters encounter "elven
> wine". It wasn't alcoholic, but more like birch sap (people in the the
> nordic countries and probably canada will know what I'm talking about).
> A light and refreshing drink with invigorating qualities... and
> naturally insanely expensive.
> This happened in cosmopolitan Nochet. A western merchant wizard sent a
> pitcher into the characters table, mostly because he was out on a date
> with a stunningly beautiful lady... and since he's a member of an
> important trader family himself.
> Anyway, apologies to the ghost of Tolkien and all that,
> -Adept

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