Re: The Ball, the Stick and the Last Spell

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 06:49:17 -0000

> I couldn't find anything else about them, though. I understand if this is one of those things left for the people who run the games to decide for themselves, but I'd still appreciate any insights that the good people of this group might have.

100% things left for the people who run the games to decide for themselves whetheer to use or not to use. None appear in any Third Age books, either currently in print or soon to be in print (the Guide has a large Fronela chapter with loads of new material, but no mention of these things).

> In particular, I'm curious as to the symbolism of the broken mace (which part is his path and which part is "orthodox Malkionism"? Or did I misread this?), and as to what the spell might possibly do. Some earth-shattering Hero Wars thing, I'd expect.

No clue. In the Second Age, most of Frontene was ruled by the Middle Sea Empire, with lots of anti-God Learner Irensavalist sects amongst the rural lands and hidden in the cities. The Abiding Book sects and those schools that studied God Learner insights were supported by the rulers, but had no popular support in the populations at large. Likely many divine and spirit cults grew in popularity as well.

BTW, I strongly suggest reading the Xeotam Dialogues ( and some of the other material about the West up at the main Moon Design site and on the Temple of the Reaching Moon blog. And we're always happy to answer questions!


> (And would they still be there as of 1621? I don't recall them being mentioned in any Third Age books, though I could be wrong. Maybe Harrek carried them off with him?)

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