Re: The Ball, the Stick and the Last Spell

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 12:51:43 -0000

> "Three relics are of prime importance: the Ball, the Stick and the Last Spell. The
> Ball and the Stick are the components of Hrestol's mace, which he symbolically
> broke to show the division between his own path and that of orthodox Malkionism.
> The Last Spell is the final sorcerous enchantment Hrestol created before
> his martyrdom; no one knows what power lies in this magic, but the spell burns
> bright and hard, contained in a crystal flask set between the Ball and the
> Stick."

My immediate thought is that the "Last Spell" is entitled "The Rules of Cricket" which explains the Ball and the Stick. It also explains why no one either understands the spell or what it does.

Donald Oddy


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