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Daniel asks about Hrestol's relics:
> "Three relics are of prime importance: the Ball, the Stick and the Last Spell. The Ball and the Stick are the components of Hrestol's mace, which

> he symbolically broke to show the division between his own path and that of orthodox Malkionism. The Last Spell is the  final sorcerous enchantment
> Hrestol created before his martyrdom; no one knows what power lies in this magic, but the spell burns bright and hard, contained in a crystal flask
> set between the Ball and the Stick."
>. . .
> In particular, I'm curious as to the symbolism of the broken mace (which part is his path and which part is "orthodox Malkionism"? Or did I misread

> this?), and as to what the spell might possibly do. Some earth-shattering Hero Wars thing, I'd expect.

I would take the symbolism as follows: He broke the mace to show that his path of Malkionism could not be enforced from without. When the law is an external standard, people begin to resent it, and thus fall into error and death. He broke his mace to show that his path did not rely on external force. The last spell was a visible manifestation of the Joy of the Heart. Before his execution, he literally took the Joy from his Heart and displayed it. It is set in crystal because no one can touch it -- not because it is valuable, but because you can't get the Joy of the Heart by taking someone else's: you need your own Joy.  
Perhaps the Joy is usually set between the stick and the ball in order to make a point that David Cake made: the head of the mace represents the force that the church used; the handle, its sole connection to the worshipper, unless you were on the receiving end (and the receiving end was Hrestol's point). The point of placing the Joy between them is to note that the weapon harms the people on both ends of it. Placing Joy in the middle reconnects them. This would be a fine explanation -- one that Hrestol migfht not agree with -- for the more milatant orders.  
Anyway, I know diddly about the west, so take all of this with a salt shaker.  

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