Re: Pteranodons in Dragon Pass?

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_Yy1m87YvxmofCTgWKBhrjhUcJ-yopFzNzfUv0kYZsz34dtXyZbqqr6_TcM62eI>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:47:47 -0000

The dinosaurs from the Dragon Pass boardgame were (from memory):

Pteranodons 2 4 10flying
Brontosaurs 2h 10 3
Triceratops 10 2 4
Magisaur 2 4 3 10

Basically, each type had a 10 in one of the characteritics. Elder secrets told us that Original dinosaurs were dragonewts that had fallen from the Dragonewt path because of emotions - Allosaurs were Greed, Triceratops were lust, etc.

Triceratops can be "adopted" in King of Dragon Pass.

I think Allosaurs are pretty rare - there are 2 in the whole of the Elder Wilds.

You're right about Pteranodons not getting much love - I don't think I've seen them mentioned anywhere other than the boardgame, despite having as many counters as the ducks.

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