Re: Pteranodons in Dragon Pass?

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> Wahetever became of the Pterodons in Dragon Pass? My memories were there were four
> types of Gazzam - big brontosaur type beast, Tyranosaurus/Allosaurus type predators,
> Pteradons and Tricerotops? I'm pretty sure I have seen Triceratops and the Brontosaurs
> mentioned, but the others don't seem to get much coverage or love? Any modern (post
> 1984) sources on these?

WB&RM had brontosauri, pteranodons, triceratops and trachodons. Anaxial's Roster has brotards (brontosauri), darvan (triceratops) and gangan (ankylosaurus). The Maran Gor writeup in Storm Tribe just mentions "quakebeasts" which could describe just brotards or alternatively the three in Anaxial's Roster. The trachodons in WB&RM had a long range magical attack which also makes them interesting.

Donald Oddy


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