Re: Pteranodons in Dragon Pass?

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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 09:54:47 +0000

The Sartar Companion encounter section has dinosaurs. It mentions Ankylosaurs, hadrosaurs, brontosaurs, triceratops, and etc.. They come in two types, natural, descended from other dinosaurs and normal, mutated from dragonewts and carnivorous. I don't think there's room for big dinosaur carnivores in dragon pass at the moment, peoples would cooperate to bring them down. As Keith said, there are only two in the whole Balazar and Elder Wilds area, and not enough coordinated peoples to bring them down. Pteranodons would be taken out by flying Orlanthi, you wouldn't want a flock of those hanging around Kerofin.

The Dragon Pass board game is set in the "future" and so perhaps the big carnivores and the flyers appear due to a magic event or are waiting in dragonewt launch silos to be unleashed. If the Pteranodons are nasty carnivores (and not the fish eaters), that puts them into the mutated dragonewt area and they are in the launch silos. Perhaps they originate with the Lunars, as a result of mad experimentation on captured dragonewts, which would make an excellent James Bond style Lunar adventure to stop the evil villain unleashing them on the home population. "So Appius Luxius give me what I what or I will unleash my new weapon and destroy Furthest".

On 26 Jan 2012, at 00:14, chris jensen romer wrote:

> Wahetever became of the Pterodons in Dragon Pass? My memories were there were four types of Gazzam - big brontosaur type beast, Tyranosaurus/Allosaurus type predators, Pteradons and Tricerotops? I'm pretty sure I have seen Triceratops and the Brontosaurs mentioned, but the others don't seem to get much coverage or love? Any modern (post 1984) sources on these?


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