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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_z2RltkpuORUkjATzmnWhnscwGGnX_gD-XNhV1-wjh5ImqPBZsoWtyvGyU61FCp2scr4Dz>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 10:33:17 -0800

Issue 11, Winter 2012

Continuing his exploration of Kralorela, David Millians tells us of the Baboons of Kralorela; We present Greg Stafford's Lives of Sedenya, part 3 (the final chapter will be in Issue 12). Roderick Robertson gives us three articles on the Oslir and those that live and work on him/her; Andrew Larsen describes some of the lesser-known flora, fauna and spirits of Prax, and we have not one, but two articles on Votankiland: a clan generator from Keith Nellist, and what Oliver Bernuetz promises will be the first in a series of adventures Taming Votankiland (any contradiction between the two articles is up to you to decide!)

And new this issue: search for articles by Type, Author or Title!  

Enjoy the issue!

Issue downloads in Full-color and/or Black & White PDF, and .epub and .mobi format for your e-book readers are available, as are the archived back issues.

And, of course, I'm calling for articles for Issue 12 (May release, deadline for articles is April 21)

>From such a face and form as mine, the noblest sentiments sound like the black utterances of a depraved imagination.

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