Re: swords needed to vote?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_8vOs8krlte4BXWSjdRZ3Ws6iFmbNAtPlal6aEsjlc35TGL5j3xLRy4TK6pw52TAqqGhw>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 08:16:15 -0000

> I was just reading S:KoH p.29 and noted male Orlanthi need a long knife, spear, hard hat, shield and sword to vote in a weapon taking. Should that be spear or sword? I imagined swords as rather rare status items primarily held by thanes some huscarls and mercenaries or as heirlooms?

That's a traditional Orlanthi poetic description of a free warrior. Even if a man does not have a sword or hard hat, if he is recognized by his community as a free warrior, then he is a free warrior. And will be described as having all the accoutrements (unless he is famed for not having one, in which nobody will complain).

This is exactly the opposite approach to the Malkioni. I recall the God Learners once tried to rule an Orlanthi community (was it in Umathela or Maniria - I really can't remember) by taking all the swords away except from their allies (figuring that would automatically reduce them to being servile). The God Learners were stunned that it made no perceptible difference to their clan magic and concluded that the Orlanthi - and by extension all other barbarians and inferior peoples - are just liars.


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