Carmanian Attitudes to Shargash?

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I apologize if this is a bit obscure, and far from Dragon Pass, in advance...

One of my players just asked me what the Carmanian attitude to Shargash, and the city of Alkoth is. While I could give him a good overview of Carmanian and Dara Happan relations in the Second and Third Age, the nature of relations with Alkoth and the Cult of Shargash did puzzle me. I can see the Carmanians regarding Shargashi in similar ways to Spolite darkness witches: yet there must be some acceptance of the cult? Now I know the national epic is the Alkothiad, but I do not know if that exists in the time of Shah Nadar, though I think DC is asking for my Seven Mothers Era game I'm planning for the Heroquest evening sessions. So any ideas on this very welcome to this. I have The Enteskodiad, but no idea where to look in it, or I might have some idea on Pelandan relations to Shargash, though not sure that would help. Also the great historical enmity between Darjinn and Alkoth - what is the source for that? I believe there may be a sentence in the Genertela box set, but am I missing anything? :(

Oh and I must take the time to thank everyone who came up with Caramanian names in response to my earlier request: they were excellent. I have used a large number of Hittite names as well, as the seem to fit well. Thanks ever so much!

I will have loads more questions while I'm preparing the 7 mothers game, but the actual rite of the 7 mothers, the Heroquest - has it ever been published or any hints as to how it went? Also what are the best biographical sources for the Seven Mothers? I have Moon Rites a magazine somewhere, and Cults of Prax and also The Lives of Sedenya (Continuum Edition - are there any revisions in the one just published in Rule one?) but any other obvious sources. Oh I have have ILH 1 & ILH2 of course as well. I'll check the wikis later, but any obvious sources I've missed for a game where their great quest is occurring over the years (as a backdrop to the player character actions) would be wonderful.

Hope to see many of you at Continuum this year, as my group are hopefully going to make it: they are Gloranthan newbies in the main, but in the case fo DC a genuinely fascinated one judging by the endless questions I'm texted at unfortunate times. :)

cj x

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