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Wasn't there a poem in Runequest Companion about the Gouger and worshippers of the Bloody Tusk? Steve  To: From: Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:27:41 +0000
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> Who is Varankol the Mangler? If the Tusk-riders acquired the Troll->like appearance in some other way, what is the story behind that?


>From Dara Happa Stirs:

"Isgangdrang's student, and a great hero of the EWF, Varankol is leader of the Aramites, a savage band of boar-riding mercenaries from Tuskwood. He rides to battle on Gouger, a vast demonic boar, wielding his twin axes, Hewer and Scraper. He is the cruel, vicious aspect of the Eternal Dragon Ring, epitomising its ruthless inner heart, and is beyond the ability to transcend. However, for striking terror into the Middle Sea Empire, he and Lord Great Burin are the greatest weapons of the Eternal Dragon Ring."

I've always had the impression that the tusk riders were part troll (or part pig perhaps). I would think that only the tusk riders would breed true with each other. Human or troll captives wouldn't be able to produce offspring with tusk riders without some powerful magical intervention.

In my old Balazar campaign the players had to deal with a troop of Tusk Riders led by a female tusk rider. I don't think there's much physical differences strength or size wise between the males and the females and either could lead a band. They just have to want it bad enough.


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