Re: Tusk-riders (Was: Pavis Book update - just a few weeks to go)

From: bernuetz <bernuetz_at_1nU9_hlpr57tfwZdU9FBrN7sCcSSyt8nWiKP54VU4ESlTYm3cewZTooRHhc1oMHDl9T>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 18:40:02 -0000

I suspect it was the same Gouger. Varankol was up there with Lord Great Burin who could swallow an army's worth of magic and vomit out an entire army of dead EWF warriors. If all he could do was swing a couple of magic axes around and ride a poser pig he wouldn't have amounted to much. Undoubtedly he dug up the original Gouger who had only been stunned by Aram, dusted him off and set off to make a name for himself.


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