Tusk riders

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_JDcZfSanoT_mKXIDhW_-HshViJFrv7XEkcUTRKpCbJwoXWPVNVrOPdFhYmWwkm>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 19:01:04 -0000

I had always assumed that the monstrous aspect of Tusk Riders (where they get tusks) happened sometime between the end of the EWF and the Dragonkill. This monstrous inhumanity was what allowed them to survive in Dragon Pass during the Inhuman Occupation.

To account for actual orcs-on-porks in the First Age I would need to come up with a new theory for myself but Tusker riding Aramite humans in Ralios in the First Age could fit with my theory, and Tusker riding Orc-on-pork riders in the Third Age is also credible. Perhaps some Tusk Riding Hero changed their Aram-Ya-Udram ancestor cult into a Pig feeding, Darkness Demon devoted, mish mash of practices that changed all worshippers or descendants of Aram.

The Tusker riding Aramite mercenaries following the mercanary Captain Prince Asacar the Black in the army of Varajia Nopor were a brutal and cruel force but, in my Glorantha, they were human.


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