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> Which Otherworld are the Malkioni going to where they meet gods and spirits? The Essence Plane?

I would say the essence plane. As they are not viewing gods as the theists do they are seeing the essential elements and powers they are made of and their interactions. If the zzaburi start to anthropomorphise the elements and powers, they will start to look more god like. Going the whole way causes a transition into god plane and a loss of objectivism.

I think abstract art is a good tool for visualising this. Essence plane interactions of God time events may look like this to some zzaburi: interpretation would be based on the section of god time they were viewing and the powers and elements they wished to manipulate. More experienced zzaburi would be able to identify the elements, powers and immediately and bend them to their will.

anthropomorphisation of those elements and powers: This allows the gods to be more easily manipulated, but is the way to enslavement.

Transition into godtime: You've gone too far, this is the path to being a godlearner and/or a slave to the gods.

(these images are not meant to be representative of Glorantha, just to illustrate what I'm talking about)


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