Re: Tusk riders reference

From: jorganos <joe_at_iAcGr_yxRY-jO-xtHagZkPZY4CNDytRZGk4ntzHnhe-bGrfDwlCjhDKYZMFR9VVWrjnrJVn1>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:29:06 -0000

>> I'll regard Troll Pak (which puts the appearance of the Tusk Riders into historical context) as a more reliable source than an encounter description in Borderlands.

David Scott:
> I find that a very odd way of looking at Gloranthan sources. Both publications came out in 1982. I don't see how one can be judged more reliable than the other. They have authors in common who shared an office and spoke to each other.

Sure. But we know that many small factoids originated as throw-away tidbits (guild of chaos monks, for instance), and Troll Pak has an in depth collection of facts on where and how the different troll types and troll-like monsters originated.

THe only page my index knows is Uz Lore (AH-edition) p.27, but I seem to recall most of the info is among the exotic troll variant listing.            

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