Re: Xeotam dialogues

From: xavierllobet <xavierllobet_at_tUDLtLI1IEgFB0kUh1nVad2Gm2eHPyQfy7IscceuX0WDoBsNj6O2ileKDh8rZNv>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 21:43:49 -0000

This recent reply by Jeff has confused me a little:

> Absolutely. And this is something many Malkioni do. So a typical spell may summon and compel a magical entity to perform a specific task (such as making a sword sharp, making someone fall in love, making it rain, or whatever). Why else do you think the God Learners spent so much time studying the myths of other people?

Then aren't sorcerers just like shamans compelling "small gods" instead of spirits? And what is now the difference between the God Learners and the usual Third Age malkioni wizard?


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