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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 11:19:01 +0000

On 15 Feb 2012, at 13:29, jorganos wrote:
> THe only page my index knows is Uz Lore (AH-edition) p.27, but I seem to recall most of the info is among the exotic troll variant listing.

(It's exactly the same as the Chaosium version p.27)

[Dragon Pass] "Troll unity returned when the despised half-trolls of the Ivory Plinth attempted to seize all power with the help of non-troll allies."

> I'm more irritated by the implication that the Aramites were anything but pig-loving humans in the First and early Second Age. I think that the distinctive halftroll look started with Varankol the Mangler.

> Well, there is everyone knows, and there's what could have happened. I don't doubt that Aramite boar riders could have made it to Ralios along with other Theyalan missionaries or armies, and they were likely warlike already back then. They surely will have smelled of pigs, but that distinct look would have to have been ritual masks rather than skin and bones back then.

So what's the story of how the ritually masked half-trolls came to look like half trolls in the separated communities? Was it a heroquest to unite the groups?


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