Re: Sprucing up the Western Calendar

From: Jeff <richaje_at_Fr7XHqYUeGZ4ncfdaCvjVkulKfVlZYfoOV0hpqbxbHJ-2IeqY5mw1JYJd8UUgZQlmwPS>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 11:00:04 -0000

> So what's the Brithini calendar like? I can't see their having
> anything to do with this Theylan nonsense.

They might have adapted the Theyalan calendar for its utility. Or maybe they just number it. Not really important, unless you are running Brithini.

> Indeed, now that I think about it, do they really have the concept of
> calendars? Next week? Perhaps paying attention to such an obviously
> pagan concept is one of the things that would bind them to Time and so
> Death.

Calendars are important as a means of tracking the magical potency of particular days. For example, it is widely known that the element of Air is *most* powerful on Windsday, Movement Week, Storm Season. So if the zzaburi need to send a wind against the savage half-men of Seshnela, they might ask the talars to summon the entire community on that day to power their spells.


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