Re: Sprucing up the Western Calendar

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_7KT7Oo1CX4AKnOMchdBVcy1Vl_1-Zu5ob4Rzzk8wGJDw2kKOMEbpQX6r5LA6PFhLrIA>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 00:45:36 +1300

On 2/17/2012 11:54 PM, Nick Eden wrote:
> So what's the Brithini calendar like? I can't see their having
> anything to do with this Theylan nonsense.
It isn't Theyalan nonsense, the Zzaburi will see the same runic associations as they do. If they approached it from a different set of mythic assumptions - like say ten months (Dara Happa and Lunars), six months (Kralori) or four seasons (Pamaltela) - then they will see a different set of runic associations. But since the Malkioni and the Theyalans are starting from the assumption of five elements or actions, they will see things similarly.

They might have had a different calender in the Golden Age and some wizards might be aware of myths involving the addition of a new day to the calender. But I think the complete set of 294 days was established sometime during the Storm Age

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