Lords of the West

From: Scott <romulan_ace_at_sQSIIWdQlebjtrPBjoxsbZBwcs7GMKAgEWEgAd07005afl3dSwTtkTzFzFyMskrt>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 14:46:31 -0000

Out of curiosity, what if anything is still around of the original Lords of the West manuscript?

I talked to Charlie a few years back, and he thought that it was gone except for what got incorporated into AH's RQ3 (sorcery, background information, etc.)


> I do have the old Brithini calendar (from the original Lords of the West manuscupt by Greg and Charlie), but that's not used outside of Aronalit and is not the basis of either the Seshnegi or Loskalm calendars.
> Jeff

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