Re: Sprucing up the Western Calendar

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_T6K38O05G9n15AEEWJTH2AOTY-qk9H6POXKC2KvtaRFwNhXxVkBJSs3djELcy6N3i1>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 19:03:09 +0000

Nick Eden <> writes:

>It's the Brithini we're talking about. Agree entirely that Westerners
>in general will adopt Theylan ideas out of utility, but Brithnos
>doesn't go in for that kind of flexible thinking does it?

It seems much more in-character for the Brithini to proclaim that if their calendar says a year has 625 days, and the world says there are 294 days in a year, then it's the world that's wrong, not the calendar.

Obviously the Vadeli or rebel Eranschula stole the missing 329 days.


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