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> What does bestiality mean in Glorantha, if Glorantha's concept of species is so different?

I think that this is the important question. Our modern society has tells us that having sex with animals is wrong normally because the it violates the animals rights and it has no choice in the matter. However there are examples in history that this was not always the case. Have a look at the writings of Gerald of Wales. He records a kingship rite that suggests that the king to be has sex with a horse to consecrate him. There are are other historical tidbits like this to find. Also there is literature about these sacred unions in the spirit world, which is in shamanism is a common theme.

In my Glorantha I can easily imagine that some of the fertility rites of eiritha involve having sex with sacred bulls. The same with the hsunchen, telmori, anyone with a divine companion of the opposite sex, etc.

I would also remind people that not everyone is going to be comfortable with this in their Glorantha, so it's up to you what actually goes on at the ceremonies. If you want it all done with actors and masks in a sacred play, this is just as valid as origiastic rituals with animals.

If we define exactly whats going on we run the risk of alienating some groups. I for one wouldn't like to see Praxian sex with animals in print, we don't want people pointing and saying look the weird roleplayers that play sex with animals.

Luckily for us we have a fictional world to make things up in and we have the choice to make up what we like in our games.

David Scott
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