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> Surely many Praxians would feel a greater commitment to protecting their own beasts than they would to protecting Waha worshippers of another tribe?
> How else can one explain the custom of cattle-raiding?

I think here it's a case of balance. They must protect their beasts as it's those who help them live off eiritha's bounty. Without their beasts, the tribe would starve, loose their identity and eventually die out. However, they need the other tribes as their way of life is interrelated. Raiding another tribe as a test of manhood, to gain a different type of animal that can give you different resources and food. Raiding is inherent in the Praxian way of life. It keeps the tribes moving and nomadic.

Whether a Praxian of one tribe would defend one of another tribe is dependant entirely on circumstances. It would depend on the outcome and what would be beneficial to each.

Praxian vs Praxian is resources competition. They fight.

Praxian vs peaceful outlander: come stranger put down your weapon and sit round our fire (from Glorantha boxed set).

Praxian vs aggressive outlander. Fight or flight dependant on size of forces. Then get help. This where they may support each other.

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