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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 18:18:40 +1300

On 2/18/2012 7:58 PM, jorganos wrote:

> That's assuming that the Vadeli had more than a presence in the
> civilized spots. Looking at the vast extent of the Vadeli Empire, they
> must either have been extremely populous (whether by themselves or by
> a slave population) or rather lax about control over their backwaters.

Given that Chir took slaves from the Artmali Empire, I don't find the notion that it was loosely populated to allow unnoticed populations of lascerdans and elves to be plausible.

> Much of the southwest was a Mostali-created industrial wasteland for a time:

The land in question, Chir, is shown next to the Mostali wasteland.

> This would mean that Slon, Porlaso and Umathela all would have experienced at least severely hostile conditions for any non-Mostali life, and everything following thereafter would have been in the character of a resettlement

If the map in question is accurate. The Agimori Map for the same period (Revealed Mythologies p44) shows a much smaller mostali wasteland. Interestingly the Vadeli Kingdom is being invaded by Slarges during the Great Darkness.

> - though I tend to think of Umathela at the Dawn as covered by century-old forest. The resettlement would have to fit between the breaking of the Spike and the Greater Darkness.

I don't think glorantha was hospitable enough in the Gray Age for forests to grow. The Green Elves were barely keeping together what woods they had without managing to expand into recently cleared lands.

A more plausible state of affairs would be that it was a hunting ground for the Tarmo Trolls during the Gray Age.

>> About the best I can think of [as origins for the Lascerdans] is as settlers from Porlaso.
> Settlers in "let's take this opportunity" or refugees?

Does it matter? They are inhumans driven by a variety of reasons and you seriously expect their motivations to be reduced to an either/or choice?

> That would mean they had prior experience of coexistence with red elves.

I doubt that anybody could coexist with the red elves. The Red Elves probably don't even like each other.

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