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On 17 Feb 2012, at 08:25, Richard Hayes wrote:

> Some quick questions on the Lascerdans:
> * Are they related to the Slarges? Pamaltelan dragonewts?

I don't think so.

> * How did they alone incur the wrath of the powerful Pamalatelan Aldryami to a genocidal extent?

Sandy Petersen wrote (in 1996):

"the Lascerdans and the extinct merfolk were related very closely in some way. The Lascerdans fed primarily off freshwater manatees, and their infamous slash-and-burn practices were not true slash-and-burn. Rather, the Lascerdans chopped out huge tracts of forest, burnt the wood, and hauled the greenage back to the rivers to use as manatee fodder. They recognized that they got more useful fodder from cleared areas than from the huge tree-covered portions, so they became tree-enemies."

(To me, this is quite different from the slash & burn used by the modern Umathings, which is actually a sustainable process.)

> * Is there any trace of them left in the Otherworlds?

Of course, it's MGF.

> * Did they build things?

IMG only the lascerdan stones are identifiable.

> * Are there prophecies that the Lascerdans might make a comeback during the Hero Wars?

Not aware of any. (I think mostly because humans never saw them.)

David Dunham
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