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Yet we've had a scenario where a Sartarite clan suffered because two of the members accidentally committed incest, so that notion is found in at least some cultures. And a great deal of effort has been spent on the marriage customs of various Gloranthan cultures, which are partly to avoid the very problem of inbreeding. It's an established problem in Glorantha.


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> Glorantha is a magic world, the Praxians are the descendants of Storm Bull
> and Eiritha. They are made from the stuff of gods and there's no genetics,
> they always breed true unless there's a magical or mythical reason not to.
> On 19 Feb 2012, at 18:26, Guy Hoyle wrote:
> > If Praxians prefer to marry members of their own tribe, wouldn't
> inbreeding
> > eventually be a big problem? I can't imagine that Prax supports enough
> > genetic diversity per tribe to avoid nasty genetic issues cropping up
> > (assuming that's a concern in Glorantha). Admittedly, I don't know much
> > about population genetics, so somebody will probably step up and prove me
> > wrong here, and we shall all know more about the subject than we do now.
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