Re: Unholy trio was : Bestiality in Prax?

From: David Scott <sciencefish_at_HJMGdV2I6fZq-Ls2u2IhBwStavIaGKz9d81tld-PBTCak9J0Dj4AXrAHL9NqVmig>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 23:38:44 +0000

On 19 Feb 2012, at 23:20, Glass wrote:

> If it helps, IMG there may be no herpes, but the wrong kind of sex definitely has parallel virulent consequences. For all practical purposes, incest, rape and Broo status *are* venereal "diseases," at the heart of what the Unholy Trio do.

I'm intrigued as to how you include incest at heart of what the unholy trio do. None of them are related to each other, except that Ragnaglar's spouse was Thed and his mistress was Malia.


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