Re: Unholy trio was : Bestiality in Prax?

From: Glass <glass_at_mZDKxjsaImOBQUdJ0cUho3oPRaJAGPRUThkyqxT38b1xaMvvIjyovJZ28MV6jVf2yoSZXp>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:05:02 -0000

Good point. The more finely argued statement would be that "sexual perversity" is at the heart of what the Unholy Trio do. Not being related to each other, they couldn't perpetrate incest on each other.

Once Wakboth enters the picture that changes, unfortunately, as all his lieutenants in Chaos are his cousins and children as well as his brothers and sisters -- the most unspeakable Broo cult of all, the "mofo."

So rape, disease and Broo status are venereal "diseases" associated with the Unholy Trio IMG. Incest -- Sidana the Black Goat -- lags slightly, but the lineage of these sins gets confusing very quickly and doesn't bear thinking that much about in any event.            

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